Let’s do a little word association. Hip replacement. Knee surgery. What comes to mind? Overnight. Hospital stay. Lengthy recovery.

You may be wrong about that. We’ve come a long way since our grandparents had these operations. Today’s procedures at Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute (COI) at MidState Medical Center in Meriden are game-changers in the world of joint replacement.

Patients seeking partial knee replacement, total knee replacement and total hip replacement can go home the same day as the procedure if they meet certain criteria. Patients younger than 80 years old with no significant medical history are possible candidates for same-day discharge.

“Same-day joint replacement procedures are highly desirable to patients who meet the qualifications for this type of surgery,” says Dr. Amit Lahav, an orthopaedic surgeon at the Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute at MidState Medical Center. “These patients receive the same exceptional care and go through the same educational program as our traditional joint replacement patients, but are able to start their recovery at home faster.”

Preparation for the procedure follows the same protocol for inpatient surgery. All patients receive a guidebook that is joint-replacement specific. They must attend an in-person total hip or knee education class. If for some reason they cannot attend, a nurse navigator will initiate a one-on-one session. All patients work directly with their surgeon’s office in advance to ensure that all prescriptions, durable medical equipment, and home care services (visiting nurse and/or physical therapist) are in place ahead of time.

There are several benefits to same-day joint replacement. With a streamlined and expedited process, surgery is scheduled early in the day to accommodate ample recovery time before a patient heads home. Patients receive the same expert care experienced by inpatients, but in a way that best supports patients who will have their surgery and leave the hospital the same day. Patients will still have access to advanced practitioners, nurses and physical therapists, as well as a meal.

Comprehensive and well-defined discharge criteria ensure the patient is safe for a successful transition home.

Dr. Lahav sums it up: “Skipping a night in the hospital and instead recovering in one’s own bed allows patients to enjoy the comforts of home faster.”

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