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Health Experts

Dr. Jeff Pravda Portrait

Dr. Jeff Pravda

Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Expert
Dr. Nicole Gill Portrait

Dr. Nicole Gill

Headache Medicine, Neurology
Dr. Mohamad Khaled Portrait

Dr. Mohamad Khaled

Dr. Henry Anyimadu Portrait

Dr. Henry Anyimadu

Infectious Diseases
Dr. James Cardon Portrait

Dr. James Cardon

Cardiovascular Medicine, Internal Medicine
Dr. Darren Tishler Portrait

Dr. Darren Tishler

Weight Loss Surgery
Dr. Ryan Dorin Portrait

Dr. Ryan Dorin

Dr. Christopher Lynch Portrait

Dr. Christopher Lynch

Orthopedic Surgery, Joint Replacement Surgery
Dr. Leon Meytin Portrait

Dr. Leon Meytin

Dr. Joseph Casaly Portrait

Dr. Joseph Casaly

Headache Medicine
Dr. Daniel Scott Gottschall Portrait

Dr. Daniel Scott Gottschall

Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. Steven J. Shichman Portrait

Dr. Steven J. Shichman

Urology & Kidney
Dr. Ulysses Wu Portrait

Dr. Ulysses Wu

System Director of Infection Disease and Chief Epidemiologist
Dr. J. Craig Allen Portrait

Dr. J. Craig Allen

Behavioral Health
Dr. Durgesh Nagarkatti Portrait

Dr. Durgesh Nagarkatti

Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine
Dr. John McCallum Portrait

Dr. John McCallum

Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Amre Nouh Portrait

Dr. Amre Nouh

Keith Grant Portrait

Keith Grant

Infection Prevention
Dr. Faiqa Cheema Portrait

Dr. Faiqa Cheema

Infectious Diseases
Dr. Jeffrey Neal Berman Portrait

Dr. Jeffrey Neal Berman

Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Medicine
Dr. Cliff Rios Portrait

Dr. Cliff Rios

Sports Medicine
Dr. J. Antonelle de Marcaida Portrait

Dr. J. Antonelle de Marcaida

Movement Disorders
Dr. J. Kristopher Ware Portrait

Dr. J. Kristopher Ware

Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine
Dr. Eileen Plotkin Portrait

Dr. Eileen Plotkin

Dr. Raymond McKay Portrait

Dr. Raymond McKay

Heart & Vascular
Dr. Khalid M. Abbed Portrait

Dr. Khalid M. Abbed

Dr. Leonard Kolstad Portrait

Dr. Leonard Kolstad

Orthopedic Surgery
Paul Thompson Portrait

Paul Thompson

Cardiology and the Athlete's Heart
Sabet Hashim Portrait

Sabet Hashim

Cardiac Surgery Expert
Dr. Adam Ferguson Portrait

Dr. Adam Ferguson

Orthopedic Surgery, Foot Surgery
Dr. Paul Weigle Portrait

Dr. Paul Weigle

Dr. Mani Seetharama Portrait

Dr. Mani Seetharama

Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine
Dr. Laura Saunders Portrait

Dr. Laura Saunders

Pamela Mulready Portrait

Pamela Mulready

Alcohol and Other Drug Education Specialist
Dr. Howard Haronian Portrait

Dr. Howard Haronian

Dr. Barry Gordon Portrait

Dr. Barry Gordon

Dr. Eric Secor Portrait

Dr. Eric Secor

Integrative Medicine
Peter Ford, APRN Portrait

Peter Ford, APRN

Medical & Surgical Weight Loss
Dr. Deepti Rawal Portrait

Dr. Deepti Rawal

Dr. Devika Umashanker Portrait

Dr. Devika Umashanker

Medical Weight Loss, Internal Medicine
Mary Noon Portrait

Mary Noon

Dr. Sapna Khubchandani Portrait

Dr. Sapna Khubchandani

Breast Cancer
Dr. Patrick Senatus Portrait

Dr. Patrick Senatus

Deep Brain Stimulation, Spine Surgery
Andrew Turczak Portrait

Andrew Turczak

Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Bharat Narapareddy Portrait

Dr. Bharat Narapareddy

Dr. Ricardo Young Portrait

Dr. Ricardo Young

Weight Loss & Men’s Health
Dr. Marimeg Clairwood Portrait

Dr. Marimeg Clairwood

Dr. Peter Gates Portrait

Dr. Peter Gates

Family Medicine
Sara Thompson, APRN Portrait

Sara Thompson, APRN

Surgical Weight Loss
Dr. Mark Alberts Portrait

Dr. Mark Alberts

Neurology, Vascular Neurology
Dr. Michael Miranda Portrait

Dr. Michael Miranda

Dr. Helen Anaedo Portrait

Dr. Helen Anaedo

Endocrinology, Internal Medicine
Dr. Ammar Anbari Portrait

Dr. Ammar Anbari

Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine
Dr. Micheal Stevens Portrait

Dr. Micheal Stevens

Dr. Andrew Wakefield Portrait

Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Dr. David Tolin Portrait

Dr. David Tolin

Anxiety Disorders
Dr. Christine LaSala Portrait

Dr. Christine LaSala

Pelvic Health, Urogynecology
Dr. John Santopietro Portrait

Dr. John Santopietro

Behavioral Health Expert
Dr. Peter Yu Portrait

Dr. Peter Yu

Dr. Peter Lucchio Portrait

Dr. Peter Lucchio

Sharon Knight Portrait

Sharon Knight

Transplant Dietitian
Dr. Camelia Lawrence Portrait

Dr. Camelia Lawrence

Breast Cancer
Dr. Maria Tsarouhas Portrait

Dr. Maria Tsarouhas

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr. Brian Grosberg Portrait

Dr. Brian Grosberg

Headache Treatment and Prevention
Dr. John Grady-Benson Portrait

Dr. John Grady-Benson

Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Pamela Griswold Portrait

Dr. Pamela Griswold

Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. Christine Bartus Portrait

Dr. Christine Bartus

Colon & Rectal Surgery, General Surgery
Dr. Niamey Wilson Portrait

Dr. Niamey Wilson

Breast Surgery
Patty O'Brian Portrait

Patty O'Brian

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Specialist
Dr. Heather Swales Portrait

Dr. Heather Swales

Director of the Women’s Heart Wellness Program at The Hospital of Central Connecticut
Dr. Abigail Chua Portrait

Dr. Abigail Chua

Headache Medicine, Neurology
Dr. Paul Tulikangas Portrait

Dr. Paul Tulikangas

Pelvic Health, Urogynecology
Dr. Patricia DeFusco Portrait

Dr. Patricia DeFusco

Medical Oncology, Internal Medicine
Dr. Virginia Bieluch Portrait

Dr. Virginia Bieluch

Infectious Diseases
Dr. Heather Einstein Portrait

Dr. Heather Einstein

Gynecologic Cancer
Dr. Pavlos Papasavas Portrait

Dr. Pavlos Papasavas

Surgical Weight Loss
Dr. Richard Diana Portrait

Dr. Richard Diana

Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine
Dr. Patrick Troy Portrait

Dr. Patrick Troy

Pulmonary Critical Care, Sleep Medicine
Dr. Edward Hannoush Portrait

Dr. Edward Hannoush

Surgical Weight Loss
Dr. Kevin Burton Portrait

Dr. Kevin Burton

Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine
Dr. Robert Oberstein Portrait

Dr. Robert Oberstein

Duarte Machado Portrait

Duarte Machado

Movement Disorders
Dr. Parth Shah Portrait

Dr. Parth Shah

Vascular Surgery, Endovascular Surgery

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