The Comprehensive Breast Centers at The Hospital of Central Connecticut (HOCC) and MidState Medical Center are wrapping patients in comfort in the literal sense – and the impact is being felt in more ways than one.

Instead of being asked to wear a standard gown, women who arrive for breast imaging and consultations are given a spa-like robe.

“The whole idea came about because we wanted to go above and beyond and give our patients a warm and comfortable experience,” said Natalie Pelletier, Mammography Manager for HOCC and MidState Medical Center. “Most breast centers don’t offer something like this so we are very proud.”

Women are taking notice. Recent patient satisfaction scores show the robes are well-received and doing exactly what they were intended to do. After a patient wears the robe, it’s picked up by a laundry service, cleaned and then returned for others to use.

“These robes are just one example of the steps we take to help patients feel more supported and encouraged as they complete their routine screenings and are sometimes faced with a cancer diagnosis,” said Camelia Lawrence, MD, Director of Breast Surgery at HOCC and MidState Medical Center. “That high standard of quality care makes a big difference.”