To make it easier for seniors to access the resources they need, Hartford HealthCare’s Center for Healthy Aging (CHA) is bringing help right into their doctor’s offices.

A new pilot program places a CHA colleague into the offices of geriatricians and primary care providers across the system.

Ann Hebert, CHA resource coordinator, is the latest colleague to participate, collaborating with the Hartford HealthCare’s Medical Group office at MidState Medical Center. There, she has a private office to meet with patients and their families after their doctor’s appointment to connect them with any resources they might need.

“We are lucky to have many of the state’s geriatricians within Hartford HealthCare,” said Hebert, who works closely with Vincent Maranan Varilla, MD, geriatrician.

Dr. Varilla specializes in the unique health needs of the elderly. These include chronic diseases, nutritional problems, skin ailments, cognitive loss and memory impairment, adverse effects of medications, immobility and balance issues.

Hebert explained that it can be overwhelming for patients and caregivers if they receive a new diagnosis. Resource coordinators are there to guide them and answer any questions, while making personalized care plans for each patient.

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Services provided by the CHA include:

“Working with the Center for Healthy Aging provides an opportunity to help the whole person as they age,” Dr. Varilla said.

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