As Hartford HealthCare’s CampusCare program expands to bring behavioral health services onto more local college campuses, it has become imperative to have a clinician leading the way.

Filling the new role of regional director of collegiate counseling for the Hartford area will be Ralph Dodd, PsyD, a long-time clinician with the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network (BHN) at the Institute of Living (IOL). He will start in the role June 5.

“We are very happy to have an internal candidate with as much expertise, experience and enthusiasm as Dr. Dodd. He has been an invaluable asset at the IOL for 20 years and he will help us strengthen and grow our impact through CampusCare,” said James O’Dea, PhD, MBA, senior vice president of the BHN.

Dr. Dodd, a Newington resident, currently serves as clinical coordinator at all three locations of the IOL’s Grace Webb School, where he supervises all treatment providers and provides direct support within the milieu environment. Prior to that, he served as a staff psychologist at the IOL.

In addition, Dr. Dodd is a major in the Connecticut Army National Guard, serving as one of two clinical psychologists in the state and conducting behavioral health screenings as part of soldiers’ annual physicals, pre- and post-deployment assessments and fit-for-duty evaluations. He also serves as an adjunct professor at Central Connecticut State University and the University of Hartford.

Dr. Dodd earned his doctorate from the University of Hartford. He went onto complete an internship and post-doctoral fellowship in health psychology, both at the IOL.

In his new role, he will oversee the collegiate counseling provided at the universities partnered with Hartford HealthCare through CampusCare, including Quinnipiac University, Trinity College, University of St. Joseph and Connecticut College. The program also includes Loomis Chaffee.

“I enjoy the work I do. I enjoy working with people and the human aspect. I am excited about this role and enthusiastic for the potential that this position has,” Dr. Dodd said.

CampusCare professionals oversee the Student Health Services on each campus and help coordinate additional services with the larger Hartford HealthCare network when needed. In addition to behavioral healthcare, services include overall health, sports health, neurology, substance use disorder treatment and musculoskeletal care.

Behavioral health counseling, according to Dr. O’Dea, is more critical than ever on college campuses where students are often away from home for the first time and can struggle with social, emotional and academic demands.

“Dr. Dodd will supervise all the clinical counseling offered on the campus, filling a great need among the students,” he said, adding that under CampusCare, counselors at Quinnipiac and Trinity become Hartford HealthCare employees this summer.

Dr. Dodd’s appointment is also a major step toward establishing a Center of Excellence for Collegiate Counseling at the BHN, Dr. O’Dea said.