From Kylie Jenner to Simon Cowell, celebrities are making headlines for their love of Botox and filler – whether the results are good or bad.

But as usual, the hype around Botox and filler has come a lot of misconceptions. So before you invest in either, we asked a plastic surgeon to set a few things straight.

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1. They’re permanent.

Worried about committing to Botox or filler for life? Don’t be.

“It’s important to realize that these are medications,” says Elizabeth Stirling Craig, MD, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. “Both are metabolized by your body, so they aren’t permanent.”

Depending what you have done, the injections could last for as little as six weeks, or as long as a year.

“In the forehead, Botox could last anywhere from four to six months. It varies depending on location and how often you use those muscles. On the other hand, filler might last from eight months to a year.”

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2. They’re only for certain age groups.

Wondering if you’re too young – or even too old – to try the injections?

According to Dr. Craig, anyone can benefit from them. “Patients in their twenties and thirties often have no hesitation when it comes to Botox or filler. They haven’t known a life without that dialogue. And that’s great, because they can take steps to prevent their skin from aging as quickly.”

But there’s another generation that might benefit even more from the procedure.

“People in their forties or fifties saw these injections first come out, so they might have a lot more hesitation. And it’s unfortunate, because those are the people who could benefit most,” Dr. Craig adds.

3. They’re risky.

“With any cosmetic procedure, the worst results speak the loudest. Realistically, those are few and far between,” says Dr. Craig.

To achieve the best results, she does have a few tips:

  • Go to a licensed, trained professional
  • Find someone you like, and stick with them
  • Make sure it’s safe for you

“There are certain specifications. You can’t get Botox while you’re breastfeeding, and you shouldn’t risk it if you have a neurological disease. Other than that, it’s a very safe procedure,” says Dr. Craig.

And experience plays a huge role, too.

“Whoever you see should be educated enough to take the right precautions. This is a medical product, and it needs to be placed in the right area. The more experience they have, the better.”

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4. They’re purely cosmetic.

In the hands of a plastic surgeon, it’s true that Botox is primarily used to reduce wrinkles. But that’s not the only thing it’s good for.

“We can’t always explain why it works, but Botox is being studied for a variety of other uses,” says Dr. Craig. Conditions Botox may help with include:

  • Sweating
  • Acne
  • TMJ or clicking of the jaw
  • Migraines
  • Overactive bladder

5. They’re too expensive.

Botox and filler might seem like they’re just for the rich and famous, but today, Dr. Craig calls both mainstream.

“It depends on the area, but it’s often cheaper to get Botox than to get your nails done,” she notes.

Filler is slightly more expensive, but it doesn’t need to be injected as frequently as Botox.

“Like anything else, you just need to save up for it. As long as it’s worth it to you, it’s not a huge expense.”

So whether it’s Botox or filler, don’t let the misconceptions keep you from the smooth skin of your dreams.