St. Vincent’s Swim Across the Sound Marathon will be celebrating 34 years on Saturday, Aug, 7, as approximately 70 swimmers, accompanied by a fleet of 75 escort boats and 12 law enforcement boats, will swim across Long Island Sound to raise money and support for those who are battling cancer and their families.

Code Blue Fish

The 2021 Swim Across the Sound Marathon will see the return of a fan favorite team – Code Blue Fish. Its members are comprised of St. Vincent’s Medical Center’s own Emergency Department staff. (In the photo above, back row from left: Denae Sheahan, Ann Gorton and Jaime Chila. Front row, from left: Ben Miller, Alex Vuolo, Jose Collado and Eugene Williams.)

So where does Code Blue Fish usually place in the race? “We are medical professionals, not professional swimmers,” explains Gorton, who is captain of the team and will be swimming in her ninth marathon. “We may not place first, but we continue to swim to support the cause – to support our patients and our community beyond their medical needs.”

This team’s efforts span far beyond the race itself. They are consistently one of the top fundraisers in support of Swim Across the Sound’s cancer support programs. This year alone, Code Blue Fish raised more than $8,000 with their annual Basket Raffle at the Medical Center, and an additional $11,000 through other donations.

Cheer Them In

As the swimmers make their way across the Sound, supporters are invited from 2:30-6:30 p.m. to cheer them on as they make their final approach to Captain’s Cove Seaport in Bridgeport. The dockside celebration is free and open to the public. The maritime amusement center will be alive with music, entertainment, and the boardwalk shops and restaurant will be open, too. Children of all ages can partake in face painting, balloon art and more.

A Prestigious Event

Swimmers come from towns across Connecticut, our surrounding states, and as far away as Texas, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. St. Vincent’s Swim Across the Sound Marathon is recognized as one of America’s Top Open Water Swims. Swimmers from all over the world have participated in the annual Marathon. At 15.5 miles, the Swim is one of the longest challenges on the World Open Water Swim Association (WOWSA) Top 100 list.

A Serious Challenge

The Swim Marathon presents a unique opportunity for swimmers to challenge their own stamina and achieve new goals. Like the ED Code Blue Fish, many swimmers and boaters choose to participate because cancer has affected their lives, or their family and friends in some way, and they want to help others with the challenges that cancer brings.

A Lifesaver of Sorts

For those of us not up to the challenge of a marathon swim, battling tides, currents, jellyfish and more – we can still make a big difference and donate today.

SWIM Across the Sound’s financial assistance program is a crucial lifeline to cancer patients who would otherwise have no other place to turn. Last year, Swim’s programs served over 30,000 people. For more information on the Swim, click here.