Rehabilitation Network’s Chris Carlin Named VP of NARA Board

Chris Carlin
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Chris Carlin, Vice President of Operation for Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network, was recently named Vice President of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Rehabilitation Providers and Agencies (NARA).

NARA represents more than 100 organizations across the country made up of 80,000 therapists, rehab providers, and rehab support organizations ranging from rehab agencies, private practices, schools and athletic organizations to inpatient and adult living and skilled nursing facilities.  Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network has been a NARA member since 2007.

Carlin joined the NARA board in 2014 and since 2015 has served as on the executive committee as secretary before being appointed to vice president in July. In this new role Carlin will help spearhead NARA’s strategic planning to help ensure the success and longevity of the organization and its members nationwide.

“I am honored to be part of such a high performing board of directors made up of some of the most respected professionals in the rehab industry,” he said. “Each has dedicated their professional career to helping their organizations succeed, improving the rehab industry, sharing their experience and striving for best practice; all while never losing sight of their patients and customers.”

Carlin added that NARA’s mission, to share knowledge and resources in rehabilitation industry by uniting clinical excellence and successful business management, mirrors the work he and his team do with Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network as both organization’s members include caregivers from the entire rehab continuum of care.

“This is a very unique organization because its members include PT, OT and Speech and Language Pathology providers among other professionals, which is very similar to what we do here at Hartford HealthCare,” he said. “Being a board member has been a great opportunity to develop relationships and share knowledge with other rehab organizations all over the country. I am also grateful for the support of my colleagues and friends at Hartford HealthCare to allow me to represent HHC on a national stage.”

For more information about Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network, click here. For more information about NARA, click here.

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