New Provider Joins Windham Hospital Cardiology Team

Dr. Jeffrey Kegel
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Dr. Jeffrey Glen Kegel, originally from Southern California, practiced cardiology in Hamden from 1996 to 2008 after several years in California and Pennsylvania.

After 12 years in Connecticut, Kegel was asked to join the Jefferson Health system to help them create a cardiology program at the system’s financially struggling Frankford campus in Philadelphia.  There he helped build a successful full-service outpatient cardiology program that was used as a model across the hospital system.

“If you don’t offer these services in the community, it will just be a revolving door of readmissions,” Dr. Kegel says.

Dr. Kegel’s family remained in Connecticut while he worked in Philadelphia. He says he’s happy to have the opportunity to return home and work in a small community hospital with an affiliation with a health system like Hartford HealthCare.

“Having clinicians who are comfortable and have expertise with the complexity of cases we see in our community,” says Dr. Kegel, “helps us keep patients in the community whenever possible and not be transferred for a higher level of care.  Our role here is to prevent them from having to get to that stage.”

Dr. Kegel earned his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College, served his residency at Loma Linda University, in Loma Linda, CA, and completed fellowships in Adult Cardiovascular Disease and Interventional Cardiology at the Philadelphia Heart Institute at Presbyterian Medical Center of Philadelphia.

At Windham Hospital, Kegel’s duties include inpatient consultative care, stress testing, EKG/Echocardiography interpretation, and outpatient consultation and patient management

As for his philosophy of care, Dr. Kegel says:

“I’m the ultimate patient advocate. Whether working closely with insurance companies and other doctors, and also understanding that each patient has their own individual needs, I do whatever is necessary to ensure that each care patient always gets the best quality care possible.”

To connect with Dr. Kegel or other providers at Hartford HealthCare Medical Group Cardiology at 5 Founders Street, Willimantic, Suite 102, call 860.456.2898.

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