What to Look for at New HealthCenter in Southington

The new Hartford HealthCare HealthCenter in Southington.

The new Hartford HealthCare HealthCenter in Southington.

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The Hartford HealthCare HealthCenter in Southington, which opened recently at 462 Queen St., is a 48,000-square-foot facility that expands access to convenient health care for the residents of Southington and neighboring towns.

Services include:

  • Primary care.
  • The Hospital of Central Connecticut Rehabilitation Network.
  • Center for Healthy Aging.
  • Ayer Neuroscience Institute: Neurology, Epileptology, Neurosurgery, Neuropsychiatry and Endocrinology.

Other programs and services will open in phases during the next few months.

Also, a Hartford HealthCare GoHealth Urgent Care facility is located nearby at 775 Queen Street.

GoHealth Urgent Care offers:

  • Services for everyday illnesses and non-life-threatening injuries
  • Lab tests and x-rays

Other Hartford HealthCare services in the Southington community include:

  • Bradley Memorial Hospital at 81 Meriden Ave.
  • Hartford HealthCare Headache Center; Hartford HealthCare Medical Group specialty care; endocrinology; and behavioral health (coming soon) at 98 Main St.
  • Hartford HealthCare Heart & Vascular Institute at 55 Meriden Ave.
  • Hartford HealthCare at Home at 300 Queen St.
  • Southington Care Center and GoodLife Fitness – short-term and long-term care, and outpatient rehabilitation – at 45 Meriden Ave.
  • The Orchards at Southington – independent and assisted living – at 34 Hobart St.
  • Mulberry Gardens and GoodLife Fitness – assisted living, secured memory caregiving, and adult day center – at 58 Mulberry St.

  For more information about the Hartford HealthCare HealthCenter in Southington, click here.





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