Your Opinion Counts – Can We Count You In?

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Your opinion matters. That’s why we’re asking for it. And that’s why we’re asking you to join Hartford HealthShare.

By participating in Hartford HealthShare, you’ll join an online community of people that act as a virtual focus group. You may be asked to participate in surveys about the different ways that Hartford HealthCare communicates. You may be asked to review advertising or other materials, and let us know what you think is clearest or most effective, or which version of an ad you like best. These opinions will be used to help us decide the approach that resonates most with our intended audience.

And that’s not all. Not only will we seek your opinion, we’ll share the results of these studies with you, so you can see what others thought, and see the results of this collective input in action.

To join, visit Hartford 




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Back-To-School Sports: Hydration and Concussions

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