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Cancer and Obesity

12 Cancers Associated with Excess Weight, Obesity

Most of us know that excess weight or becoming obese increases our risk for diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and other conditions increases. But did you know that we also increase our risk for certain cancers, too? According to a World Cancer Research Fund report, at least 12 cancers are associated...

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How Surgery Put Her Weight, Diabetes (and Life) Under Control

I’m sure you’ve heard of someone’s struggle with weight loss. Perhaps a friend or coworker.  Maybe this is something you’ve had to work on, too. So many people struggle with trying to lose weight. Many are obese and have obesity-related diseases.  Staying healthy requires the majority of us to participate...

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The Science of Obesity vs. the Social Disgrace

When we think about someone who has a disease or condition caused by genetics, environment or biology, we don’t normally discredit them because of their disease. For instance, if someone you know has Parkinson’s disease, the condition doesn’t detract from his character. Or if a neighbor is being treated for kidney disease, she...