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Holiday Eating

How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

It’s that time of year again when we’re faced with cold weather and short days, not to mention the holiday season. There are so many challenges for us to stay on track and remain focused on healthy living. You can survive and thrive during this busy, hectic time of year...

Protein Sources

Protein: How to Unlock a Key to Weight Loss

Protein, protein, protein . . . Everywhere you look, it seems, someone is talking about the importance of protein and its role in weight loss and weight maintenance. So why is protein so important and what does it do? Proteins are commonly referred to as the building blocks of life....

Woman eating salad.

Food, Fitness and Losing Weight: The Complexities of a Simple Plan

It always sounds easy when we talk with our health-care provider about the importance of exercise and diet in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. So why is it so difficult to do? It’s a challenge for many overweight or obese teens and adults. It’s not surprising that many of...