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Mediterranean vs. Keto Diet? Here’s The Scientific Lowdown on Carbohydrates

With high-carb, low-carb, no-carb, the diet landscape is confusing and everyone has a different take on how or if carbohydrate foods fit onto our daily plates. The top-rated Mediterranean Diet promotes healthy carbs and the keto diet calls them toxic. Let’s look at carbohydrates through the lens of the science...

Diet Changes

Overhaul Your Diet With These One-a-Day Tweaks

Just by making one small change a day, we can improve our nutritional and health status. Try to make easy changes first and continue to work on it every day until it becomes a habit. After all, we make on average 226 decisions about food each day (according to scientists...

Nutrition Month

It’s Nutrition Month! Celebrate With These Healthful Tips

You have probably heard of National Nutrition Month but didn’t realize who was behind it. In 1973, the American Dietetic Association (now known as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) initiated the first National Nutrition Week. It has since graduated to the entire month of March. Here’s how the Academy...

A Diet For Crohn's

This Diet Helps Fight Crohn’s Disease Inflammation

Treating Crohn’s disease involves controlling inflammation, as data suggests a diet with less processed foods, refined sugar and unhealthy fat can help. This is more Mediterranean vs. traditional Western diet. These choices offer protective properties and are part of a nutrient-rich diet: 1.  Protein foods help rebuild and heal the...

Super Bowl Party

A Dietary Strategy for Your Super Bowl Party (And A Super Turkey Chili Recipe)

What does the Super Bowl have in common with Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings? A lot of food that might not be good for you. Root for your favorite team — and let’s assume that’s the New England Patriots — but make sure you handle the gastronomic temptations wisely. Here’s...


How to Resist Eating, Drinking Too Much at the Next Party

Remember, holidays and celebrations of all sorts come every year and all year long like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.  That’s a lot of food and drink that might not be good for you. You need to be prepared to handle them wisely. Here’s how: •    Do not allow parties...

Avoiding the flu this winter.

One Way to Avoid the Flu: The Secret’s in Your Food

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s impossible to predict what the 2018-19 flu season will be like because new flu viruses appear every year and vaccines are updated annually. While the best way to prevent the flu is to get a vaccine, there are other ways...

Fresh Vegetables

How to Turn A Veggie Hater to a Veggie Tolerator

If there’s ever a time to try to eat more vegetables, it’s now. It’s summer, that long-awaited time when we relax a bit more and venture a bit farther. This is also the time when gardens thrive and farmers markets open. It brings me pleasure knowing I am eating locally...