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Upper GI Endoscopy

Why You Might Need an Upper GI Endoscopy

Why would I need an upper GI endoscopy? How does an upper GI endoscopy work? Ready to take the next step for good health? Call 833.925.0096 to request an appointment with a Digestive Health Center specialist. You can also request an upper GI endoscopy by callingĀ 860.545.1888.  

Exercise Induced Asthma

Exercise-Induced Asthma? How to Spot It, Manage It

What is exercise induced asthma? What are the symptoms of exercise-induced asthma? Why is exercise-induced asthma hard to diagnose? How can you care for yourself when you have exercise-induced asthma? For more information about exercise-induced asthma and other sports-related issues, visit the Hartford HealthCare Bone & Joint Institute’s Sports Health...

Heart Rate

How Does Your Body Control Your Heart Rate?

Click hereĀ  to download a free guide about abnormal heart rhythms. Of course you’re always in complete control. But what about how your heart beats? Physical activity, stress and heart disease are a few things that affect your heart rate. It’s the tiny nerves that stretch from your brain or...

Staying Loose at Work

Snooze, You Lose: How to do a Seated Hamstring Stretch at Work

The seated hamstring stretch is a good way to stretch the muscles in the back of your thigh… called your hamstrings. Here’s how to do it: Extend one leg out in front of you, with your heel on the floor and your toes pointed up. Sit up nice and tall....

Heart Failure Zones

What Are Heart Failure Zones?

For more information on the full range of heart-health care at the Hartford Healthcare Heart & Vascular Institute, click here.


What Causes Peripheral Artery Disease?

What is Peripheral Artery Angioplasty? Risks of Angioplasty for Peripheral Arterial Disease of the Legs For more information about peripheral artery disease at treatment at the Hartford HealthCare Heart & Vascular Institute, click here.

Stress and Your Heart

Study: Stress-Related Disorder Heightens Heart Risk

People have a 60 percent increased risk of cardiovascular disease within the first year of being diagnosed with any stress-related disorder, according to a new study in Sweden. The results, published April 10 in the British Medical Journal, used data from the Swedish National Patient Register to compare people diagnosed...

Spinal Fusion

How Woman from Vietnam with Back Pain Ended Up at Bone & Joint Institute

A Vietnamese woman with back pain diagnosed in her home country as a muscle strain gets spinal fusion fusion surgery at the Hartford HealthCare Bone & Joint Institute after her brother, who lives in this area, also researched doctors in New York and Boston. For more information on Spine Services...

Parkinson's and Psychosis

Parkinson’s and Psychosis: For Many, A Symptom of the Disease

Psychosis is a non-motor symptom of more than half of people with Parkinson’s disease. But there are ways to treat it. What is Psychosis? More than half of all patients with Parkinson’s disease eventually develop symptoms over the course of their disease. Find out what Parkinson’s patients can do about...


What Puts You at Risk for a Miscarriage?

Learn more about miscarriages from Dr. Peter Beller of Hartford Hospital: For more information on Childbirth and Pregnancy Services at Hartford Hospital, click here.