Staying active when you’re older can seem like a chore. But if you choose the right activity, you might just start to love it.

The bonus? When you enjoy your exercise routine, you’re more likely to continue.

“Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. And your exercise journey does not have to look like someone else’s. Your fitness goals are forever changing for one reason or another, so do the activities that you enjoy,” says Mitchell Nyser, exercise physiologist with Hartford HealthCare’s GoodLife Fitness.

Nyser suggests trying one of these five hobbies that double as exercises for seniors.

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1. Ping Pong

Increasingly popular in the elderly population, this offers a range of physical and mental benefits while increasing strength and hand-eye coordination. Ping pong has also been shown to have positive cognitive benefits.

2. Swimming

This one activity exercises all parts of the body with minimal risk of injury. It can be a great form of exercise, especially for those with joint swelling or pain. Be cautious and remember to always swim with a partner.

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3. Golf

A light, relaxing way to exercise outdoors, golf allows you to socialize and connect with Mother Nature, while helping with core strength and balance.

4. Gardening

While this may seem like a chore, it gets your body moving. It is a perfect outdoor exercise, allowing you to be creative and disconnect from everyday stressors.

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5. Dancing

Shaking your groove thing means light-to-moderate cardio and learning new steps on the dance floor. You can join a dance class or pull up a video from YouTube. Most dance classes follow a regular schedule which means you will, too. Like golf, dance and dance classes are social activities.

Want more? Try an individualized fitness program

GoodLife Fitness is an individualized fitness and wellness program under close supervision and instruction of certified exercise physiologists. The program offers small group and personal exercise sessions.

Based on an initial assessment, a specific program will be designed for you. Pending assessment results and your fitness goals, you will work with a specialist on balance, strength and endurance. Medical clearance from your doctor is advised.