Resident Couples Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Mulberry Gardens

Marjorie and Wendell “Buzz” McKennerney, from left, laugh while reminiscing during the Valentine’s Day luncheon held at Mulberry Gardens of Southington.
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Four married couples who live at Mulberry Gardens of Southington, 58 Mulberry St. in the Plantsville section of town, were celebrated on Valentine’s Day in recognition of their lifelong love stories reflecting nearly 230 years of collective marriage. The lavish meal, that ended with chocolate strawberries, was prepared by executive chef Peter Fescoe and staff and served in the private dining room that was beautifully decorated for the occasion.

The couples have much in common including love of travel and spending time with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Art and Trudy Main have been married the longest, having celebrated their 71st anniversary in December. They met at a dance in Utah during World War II. She still likes to tell the story about the moment he asked her parents for her hand in marriage in the kitchen of the family home. They traveled throughout the world, a passion. They have lived at Mulberry Gardens since February 2016.

Their secret? “Be yourself.” “Make the other person happy.” “Go with the flow.”

Wendell “Buzz” and Marjorie McKennerney, who married in 1972, also met at a dance. He was a school principal and she was a school secretary. They also were avid travelers: Marjorie said her favorite destination was Hawaii. They made Mulberry Gardens their home in November 2015.

Their secret? “Be forgiving all the time. Love each other always.”

A display of couples’ photos, including residents and staff, decorate the main lobby of Mulberry Gardens of Southington.

Eugene “Gino” and Barbara Munzu made Mulberry Gardens their home in November. They met while he was cruising in his new 1949 chartreuse-and-black Ford convertible — he still carries a photo of the car in his wallet — and married on Sept. 11, 1954. While he served in the U.S. Air Force, they lived in Washington, D.C., where she worked in a prominent department store. Back in Connecticut, they later lived in Hamden and Meriden, and he worked in engineering at Pratt & Whitney.

“He has a wonderful heart,” she said.

“She is very caring,” he said. Their secret? “Loving each other.”

Lothar and Elisabeth Schwarz met at a milk bar in Germany where she was studying interpretation for the United Nations. They married on July 5, 1968 in Germany. They enjoyed vacationing to France, Switzerland and especially to Germany, where they first fell in love. They made Mulberry Gardens their home in May 2017. Their secret? “Having fun and loving life.”

Donna Johnson, Mulberry Gardens activities director, said acknowledging milestones is just one way the community celebrates its residents every day.

Mulberry Gardens of Southington, a member of Hartford HealthCare Senior Services, is a not for profit assisted living, adult day and memory care community located at 58 Mulberry St. in Southington. For more information about Mulberry Gardens of Southington, click here.




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