Due to missing and lagged data from our payers, ICP will offer a second option for the self-reporting requirement for Gaps-in-Care in 2016. Payers currently send us data that does not include a baseline, so many providers are finding they are unable to calculate a rate of gap closure for each metric.

Therefore, we are modifying the reporting requirements and the due date for reporting.

  1. Instead of reporting closure rates for gaps-in-care, all primary care & pediatric practices may instead submit a signed letter of acknowledgment indicating that they have received the Quarters 1 to 3 Gaps-in-Care reports AND that they are actively working on closing open Gaps.
  1. The letter of acknowledgement should be signed and submitted via email to ICPQuality@hhchealth.org by November 18th, 2016. If your practice meets this deadline there will be no penalty on your earned incentive payment for 2016.
  1. Practices that have already submitted Gaps in Care closure rates to ICP for Quarters 1 to 3 or submit this data by the original October 31st deadline, will receive an additional 5% bonus on any earned incentive payment. If you submit this rate data, you do not need to submit the additional letter of acknowledgment.
  1. Failure to submit either rate closure data or a letter of acknowledgement will result in a 10% penalty on any potential incentive payments earned for 2016.

We apologize for these late changes which were based in part on your feedback. We want to ensure that ICP requirements are reasonable and attainable. Please know that we are working diligently to resolve these issues with the payer data.