Inpatient Rehab Unit Celebrates First Year

Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit 1-Year Anniversary
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Pride.  Excellence.  Inspiration.  Teamwork.  These were the prevailing sentiments expressed by the speakers Nov. 7 at the Hartford HealthCare Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit’s (IRU) one-year anniversary celebration. The event was a culmination of what was a hugely successful first year for the staff, who have treated 640 patients since the unit opened in fall 2018.

“It has been a remarkable journey to this point and the unit’s contribution to Hartford HealthCare has been profound,” said Bimal Patel, President, Hartford Region and Senior Vice President, Hartford HealthCare. “We could not be more proud of everything you have accomplished.”

The IRU, on the sixth floor of the Conklin Building, provides specialized physical, occupational and speech therapy to those who have suffered a major illness or injury. Patients on the unit benefit not only from these focused rehabilitation therapies, but also from a team of doctors that manage their ongoing care and treatment. Case managers also help patients transition after their stay, to home care, outpatient services and follow-up physician appointments, providing a full continuum of care on the road to recovery.

“I couldn’t be happier for everyone on this team,” said Dr. David Monti, the IRU’s Medical Director.  “We have learned so much in the past year, especially from the amazing patients we treat who continue to show us the true meaning of courage, perseverance and strength.”

“I would like to thank all of the individuals who took care of me during my stay here. They truly are an amazing group,” said Jackie Birmingham, a former IRU patient who was a guest speaker at the event.

Besides being a patient, Birmingham is also a retired nurse who helped start a former iteration of an inpatient rehab unit at Hartford Hospital in the 1980s. She said that while she is proud of the work she did in the past, she is especially thankful for what the new IRU has accomplished.

“I am so grateful that Hartford HealthCare took a second leap of faith to provide this type of care for all patients,” she said.  “I am also grateful for all of the other patients who I shared my time with while I was here.  They gave me constant inspiration to keep going and succeed and without them and the wonderful team of nurses, therapists and doctors I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Learn more about the Hartford HealthCare Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit here.




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