Windham Hospital Surgeons Perform Hospital’s First Robotic Joint Replacement

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Windham Hospital’s robotic joint replacement program has officially begun with three total hip replacement cases being performed in the hospital’s operating room on Feb. 14.

The Mako procedure was done using the system’s surgeon-controlled robotic arm system that enables accurate alignment and placement of implants.

Along with the new technology, Windham Hospital began a partnership in late 2016 with the Center for Bone and Joint Care Orthopedic Associates of Windham County, with the Putnam-based practice expanding its practice to Windham Hospital

“We know that in today’s healthcare world it’s necessary to have an affiliation and to have a system-wide program where you can share resources and increase services in all of the hospitals,” said surgeon Kevin Reagan, MD, from the Center for Bone and Joint Care Orthopedic Associates of Windham County.  “Our goal is to have the same quality, share best practices with everyone from Hartford Hospital to Backus Hospital, and provide services close to home.” 

Windham joins Hartford HealthCare partners Backus Hospital, Hartford Hospital, the Hospital of Central Connecticut and MidState Medical Center in offering the robotic surgery option for hip and knee replacement and is one of only a few small community hospitals in the state to offer the procedure.

“This is a great day for our hospital and our patients. Adding state of the art procedures and more surgeons to our orthopedic team — all part of our revitalization plan for the hospital — demonstrates Windham Hospital and Hartford HealthCare’s commitment to providing word class care in our community,” said Windham Hospital President Bimal Patel.

Video: A New Day for Orthopedics at Windham Hospital

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