Proper Form: What Is The Best Way To Run And Prevent Injury?

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Everyone has a different way of running. It’s based on your body and the mechanics of how you place your foot and movement.

To prevent injury while running,  start with a dynamic warmup and gradually increase your heart rate and core temperature.

Shoes are important. Monitor how many miles you put on them, replacing them yearly or every 500 miles you run.

Staying hydrated is also a key element to prevent cramping and overheating. If it’s a hot day, drink before you are thirsty and drink fluids consistently throughout your run. It is also important to avoid running during the warmest part of the day.

How to prepare for the Hartford Marathon:

Make sure to keep your muscles strong. Do this by cross training. Work out a different set of muscles each day. As an example, do strength training one day on your legs, another day core and another day upper body. You can also improve endurance by biking or running on an elliptical machine.

Stretching before and after the race:

To improve your form, have your movement analyzed at the Hartford HealthCare Bone & Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital.

At the Hartford HealthCare Bone & Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital, runners are welcome to come get an assessment in the brand new state-of-the-art motion analysis center.

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