The Surprising Link Between Yoga And Addiction Recovery

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For those who struggle with sobriety, the road to recovery can be long and difficult.

Deidra Baum can attest to that fact. She fought alcohol addiction for years.

“My rock bottom would have to be when I was in a coma and an probably supposed to be dead,” Deidra said of her pre-recovery days. “I was fully confident that I could not deal with life on a daily basis without alcohol.”

Today, she’s embracing a more spiritual path to keep her on recovery’s road. That path includes the regular practice of yoga. It’s something she discovered while seeking addiction recovery treatment at Rushford Center.

Believe it or not, yoga can help the part of the brain responsible for choice – the part most compromised by addiction.

“Through yoga and meditation, people learn to listen to the voice of the physical body,” said Rushford’s Pamela Mirante, LCSW and yoga instructor. “So when they are faced with triggers, they know that if they can just wait it out, that it will pass.”

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