The Hartford HealthCare Headache Center team, led by medical director Dr. Brian Grosberg,  have been named co-recipients of the Migraine Research Foundation’s first Impact Award that comes with a $250,000 grant to fund a three-year study on status of migrainosus, a severe form of migraine that lasts longer than three days.

Dr. Grosberg shares the award with Harvard University’s Dr. Rami Burstein. The two internationally-known headache specialists will use the award to study long lasting migraines that have no clear-cut, documented evidence-based treatment. Because of the duration of status migrainosus, sufferers need fast, aggressive treatment — typical headache medications don’t work. Finding the right drugs is typically trial and error, which takes time. In this first study of its kind, Dr. Grosberg and Dr. Burstein will investigate which treatments work for specific suffers.

Dr. Grosberg explains the importance of this ground-breaking study:

“I am honored to have been granted this award to better serve my patients and headache sufferers here and across the globe,” said Dr. Grosberg. “We know that status migrainosus sufferers need fast, aggressive treatment, because the longer a migraine lasts, the harder it is to stop. Often, usual rescue medications don’t work. By studying this specific issue, we will learn better what works and help the millions who suffer from this condition.”

This critical project could help migraine sufferers and lead to better, more effective and more personalized treatment for all status migrainosus patients.

“This award reaffirms why we created a Headache Center,” said Wendy Elberth, Vice President of the Hartford HealthCare Neuroscience Institute. “In Dr. Grosberg, we have a national leader who has proven his ability in academic and community medical centers. He is a renowned clinician who is taking our program to the next level.”