As COVID-19 hit the second highest office in the nation – Vice President Kamala Harris is one of the latest to test positive –Connecticut’s positivity rate has crept back up over 8 percent.

The positivity rate is the highest it’s been in months, with 5,242 new cases out of 59,551 tests over the past week, along with an increase of 41 hospitalizations bringing the total to 210. All of this has some has some wondering when COVID will go away.

The answer might be never.

Hartford HealthCare Infectious Disease Chief Ulysses Wu said people should not expect COVID to be eradicated, but should instead expect it to transition to a seasonal concern, like the flu.

And while COVID evolves, so does testing, treatment and prevention.

More than 40 “Test to Treat” sites have opened in Connecticut where people can get tested, and if they are positive, they can be seen by a provider and even get an oral antiviral medication if they qualify.

“What test to treat does is it offers one-stop shopping, and that’s not just something we strive for in medicine, but in all aspects of our life,” Wu said. “We like one-stop shopping. That’s why Costco does so well.”

The oral anti-viral medication at these centers must be taken within five days of symptoms, but can save lives and keep people out of the hospital.

“It really decreases your chances of ever having to be hospitalized should you have COVID,” Wu said. “Or, if you are hospitalized, hopefully it minimizes the risk for severe morbidity or even mortality.”

With the recent uptick in cases in the unlikelihood of it going anywhere anytime soon, Wu offered this advice:

“Vaccinate. Boost. And for goodness sake, if you are sick, don’t get anyone else sick,” Wu said.

To find a ‘Test to Treat’ location near you, click here.